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Terms and Conditions (Albis Jaipur)

Users are requested to read all the terms and conditions carefully and the linked privacy policies before they may use www.albisjaipur.com, as these are made to offer you a hassle-free experience on the platform. These terms and conditions reference “You” “users” shall understand the services accessed on the website, the content, and the products available. You can explore clothes, apparel, and fabric from the site.

Any subscription or purchase made by you on Albis Jaipur must signify the acceptance of every term and condition from the store owner and is legally bound for the same. In addition to the upcoming legal terms of using the website or additional terms of services are displayed with the selection of every product on the website. If there is any conflict between the additional terms and supply terms, additional terms will be considered as the primary terms and users must accept them before raising any issue with the services. 

Soon after you use www.albisjaipur.com the terms and conditions are effective from the very first click on the website and it governs the relationship between the users and Albis Jaipur, an Indian Law incorporated Company. Use of the web portal is conditional without doping any written terms and conditions and other notices written on the website.

If any other document conflicts with the Terms and Conditions, the usage of the site will depend on the original Terms and Conditions. If any user is not willing to accept these terms, they don’t have the right to use the site in any way. For the “Terms and Conditions” the “Acceptance” is all about affirmation to every word. The action will respond to the “Click Box check-in” on the registration page or any other newsletter subscription. 

Albis Jaipur has the complete liberty to amend the Terms and Conditions in order to promote a hassle-free shopping experience to every user. Every amendment will be sent to users via emails or newsletters, which will help them get a better platform to shop. The revised version of updates will become into action just after posting the website, where every user impliedly agrees to the revised terms and conditions. 

Please read the below terms and conditions carefully to avoid any type of conflict. The revisions and amendments on these terms are the written contract between Albis Jaipur and you if you visit or shop from our online platforms including the sole website. In addition, if you are using any ongoing or future service from any other business affiliated with the company or other vendors, whether included or excluded from the site, you will be subjected to follow each term and conditions applicable to every platform where  Albis Jaipur is associated. 

As a main condition of purchase, the site will ask for your permissions to send your promotional emails and other offer details on your provided platform. We will send the account information, activity, and other promotional updates to let you know about the latest updates. You can opt-out of these promotional emails if you don’t want to see them regularly on your news feed. Please check the privacy details to understand more about SMS and email terms. While placing an order from Albis Jaipur, every user has accepted every term and condition which are mentioned on the website. You need to create an account on the online portal if you wish to buy any product from Albis Jaipur. It will help us to provide easy access to the users and connect with them for an effective user experience. 

Albis Jaipur is not responsible for services or products that are sold by third-party vendors. We don’t take any responsibility for the products, designs, prints, quality, and other major aspects of a product or service if the user is purchasing any good using a third-party vendor platform. The website will not take any responsibility for every purchase made using their party dealing services. 

Check out our latest terms and conditions in order to get a smooth User experience on the website.


Every product mentioned on the website will be available at the mentioned price and stock.


This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to the use of the website by the user. When the user starts exploring the website, he/she has gone through the entire terms and conditions and is ready to accept them all. Every user has a right to use the website on his behalf only, and there is no transferable document on Albis Jaipur for the purchase and service subscription. 

The user is the responsible person for confidential information like user ID, passwords, and other crucial data. Although internet shopping is a convenient and secure way to make your purchase, sometimes there are some interruptions in services that give a bad user experience. Albis Jaipur  is not responsible for any service interruptions caused on the website, and are beyond our control. Any data lost while transmitting information must be levied by users, and Albis Jaipur is not the responsible body for the same. 

While it is our responsibility to make the site live 24x7, where it can become offline due to routine maintenance. Users understand this concern that due to any circumstance both within or outside the control of the company, site access may get interrupted, slow, suspended, or terminated for a limited period. Albis Jaipur has the right to change or discontinue any specific page or service from the website including, but not limited to, content, graphics, hours of availability, or equipment needed to access the site. We can discontinue any live information from the website and may change the transmission method or may change the transmission speed or signal to modify the website pages. 


If you want to avail the services of Albis Jaipur, then registering is the first step to experience our services. The registration process will need a genuine email account and a password with verification to complete your registration with Albis Jaipur. The user/You are the responsible entity for all the confidential details you have submitted on the website and the responsible entity for every activity made under the same account and password. 

If you find anything unauthentic activity from your registered account, you (a) immediately notify Albis Jaipur of any unauthorized use of your registration credentials or any other security breach (b) make sure to end the session after every use. Albis Jaipuris not liable for any loss of data and details associated with the online registration. 


You hereby consent and affirmative about accepting all privacy policies mentioned on the “Privacy Policy” page. You further consent to accept any further changes in the Privacy Policies made by Albis Jaipur 


While Albis Jaipur has made many efforts to display accurate images and colors on the website, but due to your display screen or resolutions, some colors may vary due to electronic waves. So you may get a slight difference between the pictorial color and the real product color.


Every time when you choose to contact us on our online platforms like email, Facebook, or Instagram, you may start getting regular updates on the electronic platforms. Every user consent to receive later updates from Albis Jaipur which will be deemed adequate service records. 


Albis Jaipur grants you limited access to on-site data and makes use of the services. The site doesn’t allow illegal downloading, cache generation, or copying other account information for the benefit of other vendors out there. Framing any posting, or transmitting any other property belongs to Albis Jaipur and other vendors can not take any advantage of it. Transmission of any computer virus or other computer codes, files, or programs to interrupt, destroy the limitless of Albis Jaipur website, or any other telecommunicating hardware software, other robotic tools, data mining tools, or other electronic tools to gather data will not be entertained by Albis Jaipur and serious actions will be taken against those users who found guilty and using the same tools for data theft.


Please note that we have accommodated some products which we can not fulfill. We reserve a right at our sole discretion, to refuse or to cancel any order from the unfulfilled product lists. There may be some limitations on your orders which gives us the complete right to refuse or cancel the order. There may contain some limitations on the products including defective pieces, inaccuracies or errors in the garb, wrong pricing information, and minor defects. It is subjected to cancellation of such orders from Albis Jaipur and no customer is liable to force us to ship the product. If we require any additional information on the orders containing some misunderstanding, we may contact you to process your order.



If the user wants to cancel any order made by them, Albis Jaipur holds the right to accept or cancel the request for the order cancellation. As a part of usual business rights, if we receive any cancellation request on the order not approved/processed by us, are eligible for the cancellation and a complete refund will be provided on such orders. 

To know more about the cancellation policies, check our cancellation policies in brief.


Albis Jaipur holds the right to regularly monitor the customer’s account to resist the risk of any fraudulent activity from the page. Users with more than one registration or availing our services fraudulently shall face the legal actions made under the Judicial Laws of India and we reserve the right to recover the costs of goods, collection charges, and judicial charges from the customers doing fraudulent activities on Albis Jaipur. Also, we reserve the right to immediately suspend such accounts which are subjected to going fraudulently. 


You agree to such credit card details provided by you belongs to you itself to avail the product buying from Albis Jaipur. Every detail must contain real and correct information and you shall not use such credit cards that you don’t lawfully own. You must use your own credit card to make your purchase. Provided details are safe with Albis Jaipur and we don’t deal in such activities of selling or purchasing the data from multiple credit card information. 

The liability of using illegal cards is totally on you and Albis Jaipur is not responsible for such activities.


All the products on the online platform of Albis Jaipur or other services that are provided to you are “as is” without warranty of any kind. No matter which service you are taking from us, you are not liable to avail any warranty of the products from Albis Jaipur

All warranties that are provided by the manufacturer/supplier are liable to the users and it is clearly mentioned on such products about the warranty and guarantee. 

We are not responsible for

  1. The reliability and accuracy of any advice, opinion, or statement through the site by any other third-party service other than Albis Jaipur. 
  2. Any content provided on the linked sites, 
  3. The capability or reliability of such products that are linked from other sites.

Any damage is by the user is not entertained by us and the user must pay the complete amount related to logistics, products, and other legal charges. Please seek professional advice, opinions related to any service, content, product on www.albisjaipur.com.


You have expressly understood the policies of the company and agree on them. Any employee, service provider, affiliate officers, agents, shareholders, and licensors shall not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, special, unintentional, intentional, consequential, or exemplary designs including, but not limited to damage of profits and loss, resulting from the use of sites, and other services from the website time to time. 


Please make sure to note down that Albis Jaipur has a limited Cash on the Delivery amount which is a maximum of Rs ____. 

Further, we may make any change in the policies, or be unable to fulfill the order for any specific reason but not limited to the following: 

  • Product not available at our physical store
  • Failure of the concerned product, manufacturer, supplier, or third party vendor on the specific product. 
  • Poor/improper/defective quality on the products available at our store. 
  • Inaccuracies/errors in the products or inaccurate pricing information: you shall not be entitled to any monetary compensation from Albis Jaipur. 

In some events, we are unable to go with COD delivery, and Albis Jaipur holds the right to cancel COD orders on such occasions. No refunds or returns are available on the products bought under the mark of “CASH ON DELIVERY”


The trademarks, logos, and other product designs belong to Albis Jaipur or the property of the respective person from our team. Users are prohibited to use such kinds of infographics or logos to promote their services or products for any reason. All information and content on the platform are secured by copyright terms andAlbis Jaipur can take legal action against those vendors who use the above pieces of information illegally. 

Every part of the site contains copyright information, trademarks, logos, software, photos, videos, graphics, and the entire content on the website belongs to Albis Jaipur and comes under the applicable copyright laws. Our entire website holds our belongings and every single piece of information belongs to Albis Jaipur. 

No other services/third-party eCommerce/vendors can avail the information for their profit.


Mail - albisjaipur@gmail.com

Call Us - +91 9929983663

Address - 34, shree ram vihar , rana sanga marg , jagatpura , jaipur 302017



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