Our Story

Albis in its purest form celebrates women's coquettish, whimsical, feminine, and quaint characteristics. Albis believes that change begins at the source, in our own homes. We think that all women should be treated and enchanted as goddesses in our exquisite apparel collection. We love dressing up our ladies in our gorgeous and exquisitely produced garments.

Albis highlights the opulence of India's colorful culture, regal past, and deft intricacies in one-of-a-kind craftsmanship. The weaves are feminine and flowing, thanks to textiles that drape sensually and are delicately trimmed and adorned attractively. The entire collection celebrates the greatest methods of Indian textile and craft history to produce timeless outfits.


Albis specializes in Bandhani Georgette sarees, the charismatic allure of the motif-rich crepe silk bandhani saree with zari patch borders, the all- embracing georgette sarees, the panoramic neons of Chanderi silk, the bright hues of the Jaipuri Bandhani with their mesmerizing block prints and the extraordinary tie & dye crepe satin silk sarees with exquisite embroidery.   The wonderful blend of aesthetics, traditions, and elegance may turn any woman into a diva. Albis has been rejuvenating this Jaipur-centric area and is always coming out with better and classier designs each time.

Albis was founded in 2014 with nothing but a drive and commitment to grow. We surged up after encountering countless hurdles along the way, just like everyone else, with the determination to progress. We began our career as a retail business in Jaipur and have since extended to internet platforms, mostly servicing abroad consumers with whom we have relinquished assistance due to our relationship with them. Nothing makes us happier than to treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated.



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